Construction Process

New Image's off-site construction process paves the way for better quality home building.

New Image, construction process

Constructing a New Image home

When a New Image home is delivered to your site, up to 70 percent of the home is already complete. What’s the process behind this innovation? Here are the 10 steps we take when constructing our modular homes:

  1. Numerous workstations, worktables and jigs, and all of the materials necessary to build our top-quality homes are found in every facility.

  2. Once the preliminary unit is assembled, a roller system transports it down the assembly line and large components such as walls and roofs are lowered on to the structure using overhead hoists.

  3. Next, the unit is painted and equipped with cabinets, doors, windows and other fixtures.

  4. Plumbing and electrical systems are installed and tested.

  5. Finishing touches are added to the unit’s interior and exterior.

  6. In addition to our many audits, third-party federal or state inspectors inspect the units at various stages of the construction process to confirm that each house exceeds the relevant building code.

  7. The completed home module leaves the factory on a steel chassis and is delivered to the building site where it is installed on the foundation.

  8. Once installed on a foundation, exterior siding, interior drywall and trim work are completed.

  9. Retailers or homebuilders who sell the home manage the site work. Their employees and subcontractors install concrete flat work, porches, decks and garages, and connect the home to power, water and sewer systems.

  10. The New Image house is complete and ready for its new owners to move in and start making lifelong memories.

We take pride in our craftsmanship.